The visit begins on the ground floor: a series of vaulted rooms are devoted to the theme Religious centres: Copper Age megalithic sanctuaries, which continues in the lightweight extension to the rear. More than 50 engraved steles and menhirs illustrate the nature of the Copper Age (4th-3rd millennium BC) megalithic sanctuaries: Cemmo, Bagnolo, Ossimo-Anvoia and Ossimo-Pat. These are particularly evocative exhibits - and in some cases enormous - which embody the valley’s participation in the widespread phenomenon of European megalithism.

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The itinerary continues on the second floor, where a large hall contains the sections on material culture: The first settlement of the valley in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic, Neolithization and the transformation of the landscape, Settlements, Places of work, Burials and, continuing the subject of the ground-floor section, Proto-historical sacred sites and aspects of cult.

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